Mad Professor MP-SWA effect pedal Snow White Autowah

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Effect pedal Snow White Autowah

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The Snow White AutoWah makes the high-quality autowah sound possible for both bass and guitar.

The pedal has very fast tracking and accuracy which is not often seen with autowah/envelope filters. The four knobs give you full control over your sound which means sensitivity, resonance, bias and decay.

A decay control is not common on an autowah which allows you to change the frequency fall speed. The high-quality housing and dynamics make this a very interesting pedal of its kind.


GTR/BASS: Switch GTR for the guitar and BASS for the bass or you can choose which positions suits better for your instrument.

SENSITIVITY: Sets the filter trigger level, tune this carefully to fit your guitar/bass output and your playing touch. You can further change the sensitivity from your guitar volume knob while playing.

BIAS: Controls the filter resonance frequency. When Sensitivity is turned fully off the Bias can be used as a sweepable filter.

RESONANCE: Controls the sharpness or Q-factor of the filter.

DECAY: Controls how fast the filter frequency falls back to resting point (that is set with the Bias control). This can be set fast (CW) so you get the wah effect on every note or slow for a more traditional auto wah sound.


Current consumption: approx. 15 mA

Input impedance: 500K Ohms

Output impedance: 1K Ohms

Supply voltage: 9VDC

Max input: -20 dBV

Complete bypass and input of circuit grounded when in bypass.